Nordic Ways co-operation with Active Networks

Nordic Ways is very pleased to cooperate with Active Networks for event registration and event marketing & promotion. Active Networks have provided us with very professional experiences and their technology have improved our technology platform.

Active Network provides technology to organisations throughout the world that run activities or manage facilities. From online event registration to transaction processing to marketing services, Active drives an increase in attendance and revenue for their clients. The comprehensive event, participant, and resource management solutions are designed to help organisations simplify business operations and reduce costs. Active make it easier to get things done and because of that, their clients are more profitable and more focused on their efforts within the local community.

Active Network is a technology and media company that helps millions of people find and register for things to do and helps organisations increase participation in their events and activities.

Launch of new Nordic Ways web page

The launch of the long awaited updated and refreshed Nordic Ways web page is finally here. After long and hard work on developing event specific websites (click on your desired event under EVENTS in the main menu) the turn has finally come to go public with the new company specific web page.
The main change with previous website experience of the various event information and Nordic Ways company is that we wanted to make a clear distinction between the event specific information and the more company specific information. The event specific information you’ll find in each event web page while the domain will more focus on the development and updates of the company Nordic Ways. You will still find the latest event news here though but for full scale updated event information, please visit the event specific web pages.